Bunumbu Chromite Project2012-11-22-12-20

The Bunumbu Chromite Project comprises a chromite exploration licence located in eastern Sierra Leone. The licence covers an area of 250 sq. kilometres.

Known to host one or more chromitite lenses, historical work did not progress beyond their indication and definition. Accordingly, no tonnage is available.

This licence is 100% owned by Argosy.


  • The Sierra Leone Geological Survey had in previous work indicated the presence of chromitite lenses in a number of localities – viz Dodei, Gbanahun, Kpetema, Masau, Tomaju, Lileima, Sembehun, Manjama and Bolu.
  • Chromitite boulders were also observed strewn on interfluves, and;
  • Heavy mineral concentrate collected and examined in the course of geological mapping had indicated anomalous interfluves

Chromite in Sierra Leone

Chromite was first discovered in Sierra Leone by the Geological Survey of Sierra Leone at Jaluahun near the town of Senduma, Kenema District.

Regional Geochemical and Heavy Mineral Surveys established a north-east trending chrome province 40km wide by 120km long in the country. All chromite bodies discovered to date lie within this chrome province and are associated with the Archean Greenstones of the Gori Hills, Northern and Southern Kambui Hills, or some other relict greenstone belts such as those found near Matakahun, Mapoima, Baraka, Gorauwahun, Tuba, Dodei, Lileima and Tomaju.