Investor Fact Sheet

Name: Argosy Minerals Limited
Business Description: Argosy Minerals Limited is an Australian Stock Exchange listed company (ASX: AGY) engaged in mineral exploration and development.
Shares on Issue: 1,404,407,498 (as at 7 Febraury 2024)
Listings: Argosy Minerals is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, ticker code AGY.
Market Capitalisation: A$140 million (as at 7 February 2024)
Head Office: Level 2, 22 Mount Street, Perth, WA 6000

PO Box 7054, Cloisters Square Perth, WA 6850

Phone: + 61 8 6188 8181

Fax: + 61 8 6188 8182


Company Secretary: Ms Andrea Betti
Board of Directors:

Mr Mal Randall

Mr Jerko Zuvela

Mr Bruce McFadzean

Mr Peter De Leo

Ms Andrea Betti

Auditors: RSM Australia

Level 32, 2 The Esplanade

Perth   WA   6000
Share Registry: Automic Registry Services

Phone: +61 8 9324 2099